So how did it all start?

We are based in Ghana, where we run a cosmetic manufactory producing unique soaps and exporting excellent shea butter, cocoa butter and cosmetic oils from tropical Africa. Due to the specific hot and humid climate, nature shares its fruits of exceptional value here. We have two growing seasons per year and the vegetation – fruit trees and herbs – develops at a rate unmatched in Europe. From here, we import extraordinary cosmetics – literally from the African savannah.

Our business started with a small export to Poland in 2012 and online sales. We received a surprisingly large number of very motivating messages thanking us for a product that proved to be salutary in difficult situations related to skin problems and praising the quality, softness and unique fragrance of Shea Butter. It should be added here that at the time, shea butter was a very niche and little-known product. It was mainly found in cosmetics and a few sellers of this raw material offered it in rather poor quality mainly for further processing/refining. We, on the other hand, were very keen to change this attitude and prove that this raw material is an excellent cosmetic in its own right and does not need to be processed further at all. But it does need to be in great quality and texture! Thanks to the tremendous support and motivating words we received from everyone interested in such cosmetics, we have been promoting natural products from Ghana under the Duafe brand since 2014.

And what does the word Duafe even mean? It is an African symbol of beauty, purity, love and care. It is one of the symbols in the Adinkra ‘alphabet’, the characters of which represent various virtues, proverbs and life wisdom. And in real life, the duafe was an extremely valued prop by the women of the Akan tribe in Ghana. They used it to comb and braid their hair. This stylised comb is also a reference to feminine virtues: empathy, caution, delicacy and prudence. These translate into the preferences of our clients and customers: they demand cosmetics that are the richest in value, the softest to touch and the most pleasant to smell.