“Alata Samina” – Where this strange name comes from and why this soap is more suited to our climate

Black soap called Alata Samina is…. strange. It is moderately suitable for tropical climates because it is highly hygroscopic. A week of lying anywhere makes it already soft and muddy. In tropics, many of these soaps are offered in jars in a “muddy” form (often with additives such as aloe vera, essential oils, etc.). In “dry” Europe, on the other hand, the soap dries beautifully and makes a hard bar! This is a soap that nature has definitely “invented” for our market.

The name of the soap – “Alata Samina” – means “soap from the hot peppers sellers”. In the old days, black soap was brewed by the Yoruba tribes of Nigeria. The women of this tribe used to bring hot peppers called “Alata” to the area of present-day Ghana for trade – and for this they were known. The Akan tribe (Ghana) therefore called these women “traders of peppers” – in the local language “Alata”. With time, “Alatas” also started to bring black soap – in the Akan language, soap is “samina”. So what did they call them? ‘Alata samina’, of course.