Our secrets

So why do we stand out in the market?

Why “secrets”? Because trade secrets are (usually) not revealed. But we think that not everyone has the opportunity to move to Ghana, live here for a bit, explore the north of the country and visit the various villages where different manufactures produce different shea butter. And that can prove to be challenging if you don’t have some connections. So to the point:

The first secret of our business is how we export. Virtually every distributor of any raw material imports it by pallet or container. Such raw material is then sold to companies for several years – there is usually nothing wrong with this, but…. we try to ensure that the goods are always fresh, so we ship every six months, after each growing season. We are a distributor and retailer ourselves! The DUAFE shea butter you use is most likely no older than 6 months – because every 6 months there is a new growing season and a new harvest. We do not store shea butter for years in warehouses in Poland, where temperature changes throughout the year affect its quality. Our butter will never have lumps or a form somewhat resembling wet snow. It will always be smooth, pearly and pleasant to touch and use.

The second mystery is the origin of the shea butter. Instead of going the easy way and ordering some shea butter from port wholesalers, we decided to find it ourselves. DUAFE shea butter comes from a friendly manufactory that operates in the north of the country and, in our opinion, produces the best shea butter we’ve had the chance to use so far. And we have tried butters from different places.

The third secret is the triple filtration of the shea butter, so that DUAFE shea butter does not contain impurities, micro water particles. This takes a lot more time, increases production costs, but such butter will smell beautiful even years later.

The fourth secret (oh, this is where the competition will hate me) is the official production date. Well, the production date is the date of manufacture of the READY cosmetic. This means that the shea butter as a raw material may have been produced somewhere in Africa e.g. 3 years ago, BUT after packaging – i.e. producing a jar of shea butter – it will have today’s production date. These are the EU requirements and even I have to abide by them. However, I write about it honestly because I believe that the best customer is an informed customer.

Last one – perhaps not really a secret – but a piece of information, is the vision of our venture. Our products are:

Shea butter, oils and many of our raw materials come from wild cultivation, uncontaminated by civilisation or industry. There is no more pure and natural alternative for sourcing plant products. Only products of 100% wild origin are entitled to this certification.

The cosmetic is produced by hand from start to finish. This allows us to have control over each jar or soap, being able to offer you a product that we can say is ‘organic and traditional’.

The entire production process involves making the cosmetic using water, drying or cold-pressing, exclusively from raw materials found in nature: nuts, fruits, leaves, roots, juices. As tradition has dictated for thousands of years.

DUAFE products are ideal cosmetics for vegetarians and vegans. There has never been a need to test it on animals or use unnatural substances in its production.

It is probably the only such cosmetic (in the form of a body cream) that has been used for thousands of years. It was appreciated by the greatest historical characters of ancient times; Cleopatra, Queen Saba, Queen Nefertiti.

We use glass and paper for packaging. Although plastic packaging is approved for contact with food and cosmetics, we have taken this to another level.

And if you already use a different shea butter brand, do you know how it is produced? What is the real date of manufacture (not production)?