The oldest traces of shea butter

If anyone has noticed, I sometimes jokingly advertise shea butter as having been ‘tested on humans for 2,000 years’. Well, anthropologists from the University of Oregon, carried out excavations at a site called Kirikongo in Burkina Faso. There, they discovered fragments of shea nut shells in the remains of houses dating back to the first century AD. Thus, shea butter is undoubtedly the oldest cosmetic in the world, at least 2000 years old and in use all the time.

In Ghana, however, I have repeatedly encountered the opinion that shea butter has been used for 3 000 years. This is information that is passed down by word of mouth, without scientific backing, but I believe it may be as true as possible.

A cosmetic that has been “on the market” for 3,000 years. Not bad, right?